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Last Updated 10/09

First off, thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me the many blessings and opportunities that have changed my life. I thank you Lord for allowing me to share my experiences with others and be an inspiration for many. I truly believe that I can achieve greatness with you in my life. I would like to thank my parents for pushing me to be the very best at everything I do, but more importantly being a class act. You have both taught me that hard work ethic, dedication, perseverance, honesty and being compassionate will promote a greater sense of well being, while achieving goals.

To Jennie, you have been an extreme supporter in my life in and out of bodybuilding. I thank you for being my best friend throughout all of my trials and thank you for your selfless attitude. You are truly a gem and I hope and pray that we can achieve new goals together.

To Josh C and John B, thanks for pushing me into the sport of bodybuilding because without you two I wouldn’t be here. To my boy Walt W., thanks for always being there. To Tyrone, hey things are just beginning for both of us and I am so excited that you’ve been one of the true friends a man can have. Jay Cutler and Peter McGough for believing in my talent as a person and bodybuilder, you two are the greatest!

To all of my friends, family back home and sponsors, thank you so much. You all have believed in me from day one, even when I didn’t [believe] you did and your support means everything to me. If I have left anyone out, I apologize, but please know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart also for supporting my efforts in life and representing the great sport of bodybuilding. Thanks!!!

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